Raising Happy and Confident Muslim Daughters

Raising up children has always been a tricky job and when it comes to raising girls, one is likely to face a different array of difficulties altogether. Girls are generally known to be more soft hearted and sensitive. Their teenage times are tough as compared to boys as they experience a series of emotional changes. Thus special attention towards the nurturing of girls is important along with training them to have a profound knowledge of Islam.

At the prime age of 8 -14 years, when the girls are growing up and becoming aware of their surrounding and people it is very important for you to make sure that they are not too sensitive to being different. The difference is inevitable and your girls should always know to embrace being the unique one. For example, when they wear hijabs and look different, should be proud of it and carry it with pride as they represent their religion.


One way to encourage our daughters to be confident and happy is to surround them with girls who share the same ideals as they do. Choosing from a group of girls and trying as much as we can to schedule play-dates and fun activities they they will enjoy.

Women in Islam

Islam is a religion which gives utmost importance and rights to women and it is necessary for the girls of a young age to know that. When the girls know how empowered they are, they will be more confident in their daily lives and will find it easier to make life choices without giving in to most of the patriarchal systems.

Family Meetings

As also mentioned above, girls are comparatively more sensitive in nature and need more care and sensitivity. So in order to build strong foundations for the future, it is important for them to have a concrete bond with their family, enough for the family be their sufficient source of confidence and support. For this, regular family times are a must where children get to have a bond with parents and siblings.

Lead by Action
It is proven that children usually follow more what they see as compared to what they hear. Though, talking to them is important but your own actions count even more because children often see their parents as role models. Thus to raise a confident and productive Muslim child it is important to be a good Muslim and a good human being yourself by being on the right track of religion as well as the worldly affairs.
Eradicate the Fear of Failure
Start with telling them that the purpose of life and all that happens is learning and not winning and failing at it. Whatever the situation maybe they will always have something to learn and that is what matters in the end. This will take the stress of scoring and aiming high which is one of the leading reasons of depression among growing children.
At the age 8 and onwards girls’ minds are at a developing stage and thus need special focus. These rules will help us to keep our daughters on track throughout the sensitive age and help them evolve into better and responsible human beings.

-Let us know your advice to raising happy and confident Muslim  girls.